Facebook Ads: Rock Solid Guaranteed Profitability

More leads for many as you want, actually. See how it works...

    Other Marketing services include...

    • brainstorming session and business action plan
    • graphic design
    • branding
    • logos
    • custom web sites
    • seo (search engine optimization)
    • lead magnet and email marketing
    • printed pieces (business cards, flyers, hand-outs, postcards and posters)
    • social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
    • Internet ads (Facebook ads)

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    Facebook Ads...Here's how it works!

    Facebook Ads: Rock Solid Guaranteed Profitability

    1.   Third Grade Math – GUARANTEES you make a profit with your Facebook Ad investment using our “Special Sauce Formula”

    • CPC (Cost per Click)- How much spent for each click received on the ad
    • CTR (Click Through Rate) - % of people who see the ad and click on it
    • CPL (Cost per Lead) - Total cost to acquire one lead
    • CPA  (Cost Per Acquisition) - Total cost to acquire one paying customer
    • AOV (Average Order Value) - Total Revenue/# of customers

    2.   Killer Ads - WORK because we’ve done our HOMEWORK

    • Customer Avatar
    • Deep Dive Survey
    • Spy on your competition

    3.   Bounty Hunter Skills - Your customers are just waiting to be found – and we know where they are

    • Warm Leads – Leveraging and finding all the people who are already familiar with your brand
    • Cold Leads – based on interests and look-a-like audiences

    4. Unlock the Facebook “black box” – Keen understanding of Facebook algorithms and unspoken rules

    • Using our “special sauce formula” to evaluate success of your ads, then optimize, test and scale – leveraging all the rules to our advantage