FACEBOOK ADS (VIP marketing service)

How do you know if Facebook Ad Management Services is right for you….

Do you struggle with a steady stream of NEW customers?

Are you concerned…

1.    You will not get enough customers and revenue this year?
2.   You may need a PhD to understand Facebook Ads?
3.   You could THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY on Facebook Ads?
4.   Your competitors know how to use Facebook to make money...and you don't?
5.   You might get “ripped off” by marketers that don't really know how to make you money profitable with Facebook Ads?

I get it.  I understand what it’s like to worry about not having enough customers and being forced to downsize your company.

You are working hard each day to keep your company growing and profitable…and it’s tough.

 My Stress-Free, Hassle-Proof Facebook Ad Service, was designed to solve this problem.

 Your business is important -and the work you do is valuable to so many.

 The simple fact is…more people need to be introduced to your company’s amazing products and services – just by browsing through their Facebook feed.

Want to chat about my Stress-Free, Hassle-Proof Facebook Ad Service - and how this can bring you as many customer as you want? Schedule a FREE consultation.

BONUS: At the end of the call… I will tell you which Facebook audiences will bring you a LANDSLIDE of business on Facebook.

How can I best help you?

I offer 2 Facebook Ad services...


1.  A Facebook Ad Audit

I can evaluate your current Facebook Ad campaigns and give you a custom report, offering you tips and suggestions, to greatly improve your results. Make an inquiry...


2. Facebook Monthly Management

Using a simple fee structure, I can manage your Facebook Ad campaigns on a monthly basis. Make an inquiry...

whaT'S INCLUDED with my facebook monthly management?


RETURN ON INVESTMENT: I have a keen understanding of how to get a return on your investment with profitable Facebook ads (over and over again). This is proven with verifiable results in hard numbers. I use a KPI (key points indicators) formula to ensure profitability. In fact....before you even spend a penny with Facebook ads, I can tell you if Facebook ads will be a profitable for promoting your product.


RESEARCH: I get to know your business intimately and research who is the exact right audience for YOU (along what their deepest hopes, dreams, desires, fears and frustrations are)! Then I take this data and translate it into successful Facebook ads with the right messaging.


FACEBOOK BLACK BOX: Understanding the Facebook “Black Box” and how the algorithm works, helps me make adjustments throughout your campaign to increase results. I have access to insider knowledge and stay up to date with Facebook's ever-changing interface.


CHOOSING AN OFFER:  You have a lot of amazing products and services, but choosing the right "offer" (special promotion)...at the right time....with the perfect balance of relevance and value...is half the battle!  I will choose an offer that aligns your goals with messaging that actually resounds with your audience.


THE GRAPHICS AND COPYWRITING: I listen to your past customers and leverage that research to create copywriting and imagery that clearly communicates the offer and converts leads into your ideal, highly profitable customers.


AUDIENCES:  You can have an awesome offer and spot-on graphics and copy...but if it goes to the wrong person....it's a total loss.  I laser in on the "ideal customer" and send your ads just to those people!  I also set up "look-alike" audiences that match your customer profile.


RE-TARGETING and THE PIXEL: I'll make sure the pixel functions properly.  This helps Facebook “learn” about your ideal customers and find more people like them. We will also track down all those people who clicked on your ad, almost bought a product or came to your site but left without a trace.  When this is done properly you don’t leave any “money on the table” – getting the most out of every single click and web site visitor.


SPLIT TESTING AND ADJUSTING:  By split testing and making constant adjustments throughout the campaign, results are continually improved. In the end, testing is the only way to achieve the best possible outcome.

Who is my ideal client?

I prefer to work with clients who already have a monthly marketing budget and understand the value of a new customer (average amount of money a new customer spends with you during the first year)


Interested in learning more?

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